Time travelers fight against greed and corruption within every universe they arrive.

Director Statement

It's confusing and 'trippy' to contemplate traveling through the multiverse. Try wrapping your head around the possibility of living through an infinite number of possible parallel universes. Let's say you could go back in time and change an outcome, creating another universe etc. You would go nuts. There would be unintended consequences to your actions and you wouldn't want the responsibility. You wouldn't want that kind of control. What we all want to control is our reaction to the people with whom we surround ourselves. Being honest with oneself and doing the compassionate thing when dealing with others, is what leads to one's sense of peace and ultimate joy. The hero in my film comes to understand, through her mind blowing journey, that anchoring herself in the moment with those deserving of her love is all that is worth living. Everyone wants love, everyone wants to be wanted. Special relationships come into one's life when one lives with integrity.

Production Notes


This is a musical about integrity. The slippery slope of seduction is terrain we all will walk. We all tell ourselves the same thing, "If we didn't do it, someone else would" and this is true. Then we fall. We fall into the wrong group of friends, the wrong occupation, the wrong side of lightness versus darkness. A few of the characters in this film have the luxury of time travel and find themselves attracted to the same roles in every new universe they create. But because of some glitch in her universe, the film's hero is able to elevate herself to a higher state of being.





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