A musical trip through the multi-verse.

About the Director

Liv Violette chooses projects that are near and dear to her heart. She was the proud Executive Producer of "Lady Titans: A Title IX Victory," a documentary highlighting the importance of equal opportunities for all and "The Green House" the documentary about the environment and sustainable living. "The Green House" was selected for the DC Environmental Film Festival and featured on Voice of America. She is most proud of the songs she wrote with her husband, Michael Violette, in the musical "Buckskin Jack and the Legend of the Fully Grooved Axe" and she continues the adventure in this film, "Wanted The Musical." Liv is the proud mother of two children and lives in Arlington, Virginia with her "axe" or "guitar" wielding husband of thirty three years.

Director Statement

No matter how many lives or universes we float in and out of, it is love that anchors us and brings us home over and over again. The concept of this film would make an excellent continuing series because the possibilities are endless. To take some lyrics from my song" Deja Vu" our experience is "perfectly imperfect without end."




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